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"The traditional Giza-type pyramid angle is 51 degrees. Other angles are to specifically open inter-dimensional and intergalactic energy gateways and are usually only available through customized construction. Most pyramids for sale on the market today at 51 degrees. If you feel uncomfortable working with a pyramid, check the angle and its magnetic alignment. Feeling safe and grounded is a positive sign that the angle and alignment is correct for your explorations." ~ Excerpt from "How To Use Your Pyramid"
cover_pyramid_book.gif How To Use Your Pyramid - By Karen Ryan
Have you ever wanted to buy a Pyramid but wondered how to use it ? Have you ever bought a Pryamid but didn't know what to do with it ? Well, dust off your pyramids and get back into the timeless mystery of using pyramids for energizing your life. Learn how to increase your prosperity and how to heal yourself and others. This book teaches you: - How to select a Pyramid by size and style - How to use a Crystal Pyramid - How to align your Pyramid to get the most energy - How to meditate and what results to expect - How to use Pyramids for healing and aligning chakras This book includes suggestions for therapists using Pyramids for health and healing, and for use with pets and children. The text is illustrated and is easy to read. Advanced meditation execises will challenge the more experienced meditator. 45 pp. softcover, illustrated, 3rd edition, The Crystal Tiger, 1995. ISBN: 0-9692087-4-X *Shipping $1.50 USD extra if outside Canada.
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