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Distance Healing Requests

Distance Healing - Two Sessions *** Most Popular By Demand for International Clients*** Purchase 2 Radionic Sessions for $100 or 3 treatment sessions for $140 in either U.S. /Canadian Dollars. If using PayPal, includes a $7 "shipping" (pay for use) charge. Some sample clearings include: Reducing Pain, Sleeplessness, Needing Direction In One's Life, Reducing Physical Pain, House Clearing and Clearing Past Trauma, Rebuilding Connections to Higher Self. For more information see:
Two Radionic Sessions - PAYPAL
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Each set of treatments includes an emailed personalized written session analysis, the radionic treatment lasting about 45 minutes, and support by email or phone within North America, or by email elsewhere. The session is pre-arranged to begin at an agreed upon time depending on time zones. Generally 6 issues are worked on per session that may involve 10 or more separate settings. Please contact Karen to determine suitability before sending a hair sample or digital photo.

If you are sending a hard copy photo please print your name on the back of photo. If you are sending a digital photo, please send in a suitable format such as .JPG. The hair sample or photo is used to "locate" your energy and to transmit radionically to you.